Atlas Subtitler

Atlas Subtitler

Add subtitles to videos by downloading

Download subtitles in any language for a whole series of videos in just 2 clicks. It supports Drag&Drop and can also synchronize subtitles easily. It can correct and prepare them for a player and copy/move them to another drive. It adds subtitling functionality to any kind of video box or TV. Subtitles are downloaded from multiple servers so it will always find something in your language. Up to 4 languages in priority order.

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License: Shareware
Price: $6.99
File size: 4.90 MB
Downloads: 100
Keywords: subtitles, subtitling, downloading, adding, video, movie, film, srt, SubRip, MicroDVD, synchronizing, shifting, preparing, correcting, scanning, copying, moving, defect, scanning, repairing, video boxes, TVs
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Windows 10


Windows 10


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Windows 10 download 5 stars award

Atlas Subtitler for Windows 10 - Full description

Atlas Subtitler makes it very easy to download subtitles in any language for a whole series of videos. - Drag & Drop of files or entire folders - Highly sophisticated algorithm to extract the video title - Processing of multiple videos at once - Querying of multiple servers for subtitles at once - Extends any kind of videobox, TV or other OS in the net with subtitle functionality - Automatic or manual selection process to find the most valuable file - Shifting of the timings (synchronization) in a part or the whole video - Preparation of subtitle files to make them play optimally on the player - Automatic or manual character sets used in the subtitles - Support for about 70 languages (updatable) - Support for up to 4 subtitle languages, in a priority order - Support for devices that can only handle the main srt file (eg. Dreambox, VU+) - Single click backup operation of existing subtitle files - Playing videos with one click, alternatively using ffplay - Scanning of videos for defects and display of lost timespan - Renaming of videos and subtitles - Copying of videos and subtitles or whole folders somewhere else having a last used directory list (history). Background processing with selectable priority and finishing options. Special possibilities in the case of an overwrite. - Moving much the same but space is preserved by deleting a file immediately after copying. - Display of info files that are laying beside the video by a click - Opening of a new Explorer window directly which highlights the video or directory - Opening subtitle files for editing with a single click - Dialogs which are sizable and movable and still keep their bounds. All input is remembered even if the application is closed. - Extended error handling - Extended testing for several different configurations - Can be called from command line - Supports SubRip (*.srt) and MicroDVD format (*.sub) - Automatic program update system - Tooltips and context sensitive help

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