BinHex CryPactor

BinHex CryPactor 1.0

Manipulate binary and hexadecimal strings!

Manipulate binary and hexadecimal strings with the aid of Regular Expressions!

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License: Demo
Price: $10.00
File size: 479 kB
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Keywords: Editor, Bin, Binary, Hex, Hexadecimal, Ansi, Unicode, Compact, Uncompact, Encrypt, Dencrypt, RegEx, Regular Expressions
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Windows 10


Windows 10


BinHex CryPactor for Windows 10 - Full description

BinHex CryPactor is a small and portable application that can be used to manipulate binary, hexadecimal, Ansi and other string formats in a practical and easy way! Features Convert Bin or Hex to Ansi (Encrypt and Compact) Convert back Ansi to Bin or Hex (Decrypt and Uncompact) Convert Hex to Bin Convert Bin to Hex Set Bin or Hex String Pairs Format (Pairs of 2, 3, 4 and so on ...!) RegEx - Regular Expressions can be used!

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