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VALID TO: Dec 7, 2022

CryptoBuster is an effective anti-ransomware solution with a small system footprint that can work side by side with your existing security product to offer an additional security layer and form the last line of defense against ransomware to protect your valuable data from damage.

CryptoBuster uses honeypots, which is an efficient and proven technique with low false-positive chances to detect and stop ransomware when they start to encrypt user files. You have full control over the honeypots creation process as you can either create honeypots manually customizing their names and locations or you can leave this job to CryptoBuster that can deploy hundreds of honeypots in strategic system locations with custom names and file types designed to allow ransomware to target those files before they can reach any of your important files.

CryptoBuster Features:
Compatible with existing security solutions.
Low system footprint so that it won't affect system performance.
Uses Honeypots to detect and stop new ransomware attacks.
File system monitoring to detect potential malicious activities.
Customizable and easy to use.