File Server Change Reporter Software

File Server Change Reporter Software 15.2

Auditor for Windows and NetApp File Server

LepideAuditor for File Server offers you the capability to protect your organization against unauthorized access to file servers, intentional and deceitful changes in permissions, files and shared folders. This software provides automated auditing and real time monitoring of Windows and NetApp File Servers. With LAFS, you don’t need to manage GPO settings as software do it by their own when a NetApp agent is installed.

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License: Shareware
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Windows 10


Windows 10


File Server Change Reporter Software for Windows 10 - Full description

LepideAuditor File Server software is a powerful Windows File Server and NetApp Filers auditing and reporting tool. This tool enables you to add users and computers from remote domains across any OU. Using this File Server Change Reporter Software, you can get thorough details of each activity performed on the File Server such as, who changed What, When and from where. Various advanced functionalities offered by this software gives it an edge over native file server auditing tools. It offers default policy types like "Audit All", "Audit Shares Only", "Audit all but Shares". Its “Exclude Selected User" option of Audit Rule wizard, and “objects list” is very helpful in simplifying the file access tracking process. It helps the organization to meet various compliance requirements like PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, and many more. The LepideAuditor for file Server owns a clean, user-friendly interface It generates reports on inherited permission changes, events of file ‘copy’ ‘open’ and ‘delete’, and creation and removal of shared folders. You can even customize these reports on the basis of different factors such as Time Span, File Server, File Mask, Process, User, Event, and Directory. With LAFS, you can even create a new database in any available SQL server across your network to store your data. LepideAuditor for File Server is available in two different versions - Freeware and Enterprise edition. Freeware edition is free for lifetime and is fully functional but provides limited details in report columns. The Enterprise edition is fully functional and allows auditing unlimited file servers. For more info, visit:

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