GcMail 10.1.2

GcMail is a very flexible Mailclient.

GcMail is a very flexible mail client with a variety of configuration options, but still easy to use. It is a program that is suitable for both the occasional user and the'power user' in the office Neither dangerous scripts nor dubious files are opened independently. Blocking the webbugs.

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License: Shareware
Price: $28.07
File size: 33.78 MB
Downloads: 6
Keywords: email, mailclient
Author URL: https://www.gcmail.de/en
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From A to Z: GcMail effectively prevents dangers from the Internet from entering your own computer via electronic mail. The e-mail program GcMail is aimed at the occasional user as well as the'power user'. With GcMail, both target groups use an e-mail program that is particularly easy to use and can be comprehensively adapted to their own needs. Its particular advantage, however, is its extreme need for security. At a time when new virus and malware attacks are ridden against users by e-mail every day, it is good to be able to rely on a mail program that lets the annoying attacks run effortlessly into the void. GcMail blocks web bugs. The email client does not allow dangerous scripts to be executed, nor does it allow dubious files to be started that could activate Trojan horses or viruses. In addition, file attachments with duplicate extensions, extra-long names or spaces in the name are actually displayed in this way. Virus attacks can often be unmasked at first glance when it becomes clear that a supposed PDF file is in fact a dangerous script PIF file. It is also no problem to remove attachments completely from the mails or to save them in a cloud. Synchronization with Google, LiveMail calendars and contact details. Import of contact data and calendar data to Outlook possible.

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