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GitKraken for Mac OS X 6.2.0

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GitKraken is an alternative Git client that offers you the possibility to perform most tasks via a well-organized interfaced, using a streamlined workflow. GitKraken can deal with common tasks, such as pushing content or creating new branches, while also offering support for more complex functionalities, such as the possibility to use SSH keys.

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Windows 10


Windows 10


GitKraken for Mac OS X for Windows 10 - Full description

GitKraken is a well organized graphical user interface designed to help you manage your Git repositories in style. The utility integrates most functionalities one would expect from a Git client but also focuses on efficiency and ease of use. GitKraken takes you through the app’s interface and presents some of the most important functions, going from configuring the app to opening or cloning repositories. Note that GitKraken also offers you the possibility to initiate new projects.

Within the GitKraken main window, you can see the repositories content and perform pull, fetch, push, branch or stash actions with a simple press of a button. In addition, GitKraken includes a simple search tool that enables you to search commits.

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