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Secure Backdoor 6.0 is a very cool RAT!

Secure Backdoor is a very cool looking Perl Windows Remote Admin Tool for Network users to access there remote Computer systems for security etc. you can change firewall rules remotely and monitor or change user settings on each server Computer. You could even send messages to users using VBScript functions on Windows and even more cool terminal features. You can even change your password for access. I'm not using Windows Telnet Server anymore!

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License: Freeware
Price: FREE
File size: 276 kB
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Secure Backdoor for Windows 10 - Full description

Windows Secure Backdoor extends the default Windows remote monitoring tools or RAT programs behavior, allowing you to monitor inbound and outgoing connections both from NIDS program and secure backdoor. And displaying real-time information about the current connections. It uses TCP/IP connections on port number 1000 for remote access and uses port 9999 for your remote TCP connection logging via (NIDS) program. You can also use both netcat RAT versions for Network Monitoring Secure Backdoors remote connection which only logs dates and times of attempts to gain remote access to each server Computer on Network. You can use the following commands for netcat tools command line: "ncat -lkt --recv-only 9999" or command line: "nc.exe -Lp 9999" to monitor remote backdoor connections on your Networks.This adds remote monitoring and access to your firewall Protection and will make your Windows Firewall very easy to use remotely etc. instead of using your in-built Windows Telnet server. The main CommandLine User Interface on client's side or Telnet client has very cool colors, "Access denied!" is in "red" text mean while "Access granted!" which is "green" text for safe right password And remote "cmd.exe" process is color "blue" very nice! Now I have also added a password feature to the remote shell which uses a password for remote access and (NIDS) Network Intrusion Detection System feature for monitoring backdoor access on your own networks.

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