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Depending on the extend of corruption, use one of the robust recovery modes of RecoveryFIX for Windows- Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace-, to perform Windows disk data recovery. In Quick Scan, the recovery is quick after deletion of files and partitions. The Extensive Scan mode helps you recover data after formatting of the drive. In File Trace, every bit of data is recovered from the damaged partitions.

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Can we recover data if the partitions of FAT and NTFS based Windows OS become corrupt or damaged? Data inaccessibility situations are not unfamiliar for Windows users. When the Windows partitions are corrupt, damaged or deleted, or when they are formatted, the data becomes inaccessible. Reasons like loss of MBR, Boot Sector or File allocation table, MFT corruption, power issues and virus attacks can lead to the situations of corruption. Another important reason for data inaccessibility is the deletion of files without realizing their importance. Fortunately, RecoveryFIX for windows, a sophisticated tool for Windows disk data recovery, offers immediate solution to all these data inaccessibility issues. Additionally, it can be used for the recovery of data from EIDE, IDE, SCSI and SATA, PAN, ZIP and USB drives. RecoveryFIX for Windows users find it an easy-to-use tool. With its robust recovery modes - Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace-, it scans the affected drive and recovers its data accurately. You are suggested to work on the free version of RecoveryFIX for Windows to perform Windows disk data recovery on a trial basis before purchasing the full version. The trial version allows you recover and preview the files. However, for saving, you need the full version of the software. The LIVE Update feature helps you update the software to its latest version. For more details, please visit

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