Graphcat 6.50

Graphcat Photo Catalogs in WordPerfect 10-X9

Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger, version 6.50. Clip art & photo cataloger for WordPerfect 10-X9. Includes large catalog support, page size selection, extension hiding, directory searching, uses all graphics formats supported by WordPerfect. User has complete control of catalog page layout and image options and size. Winner, Corel $3 Million World Design Contest. Free trial, $20 to buy online at Publisher: Science Translations.

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License: Commercial
Price: $20.00
File size: 1.42 MB
Downloads: 45
Keywords: corel wordperfect, photo album, camera, catalog clip art, jpg, wpg, gif, png, dtp, desktop publishing
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Windows 10


Windows 10


Graphcat for Windows 10 - Full description

Graphcat Clip Art and Photograph Cataloger, version 6.50 Builds clip art and digital photo catalogs and albums in Corel WordPerfect 10 to X8 for Windows. Version 6.40 adds support for Corel WordPerfect X9 and Windows 10. Reads all graphics formats supported by WordPerfect, and sets up images in columns as a printed index. User may select number of columns, image height, page title, wild-card file masks, and directory to search. Allows partial catalogs, directory searching, and caption autosizing. Includes paper size selection, extension hiding options. Winner, Business Applications Division for 3rd Party Products in the Corel $3,000,000 World Design Contest. Includes sample Wood Clips WPG images, and purchasers receive over 1,000 additional Wood Clips. Free Trial, $20 to buy online at

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