Downloads for Windows 10 - New users' reviews

CalcTape 6.0.3 review by Measho Gebrekidan (May 30, 2020)

I wish to get software version 6.0.4 and above soon.

Pdftk 2.02 review by Petros (May 20, 2020)

Great app

MyImgur 3.94 review by Dave (May 19, 2020)

chosen hotkeys do not work in Windows 10 at all. This seems unfixable. Not the apps fault it's Windows 10 thyat's causing all of the issues with great software.

MarvinSketch 6.3.0 review by Abhijit Shyam (May 14, 2020)

Excellent applications are available

NetMaster 1.0.4 review by Dean Wilson (May 11, 2020)

This is a great software tool for getting your privacy back from all the snooping programs installed on your computer. Very light weight and super easy to use. It works like a firewall, blocking every application you don't want to go online and spy on you by sending your data somewhere else. Most firewalls unfortunately are way too heavy. They overload your system and just as guilty of violating your privacy as the programs you want to block. NetMaster is different. Its file is only a few megabytes, and never sends anything back "home". It just sits there and guards your privacy and security. It also can be used as a traffic monitoring tool to keep an eye which app uses a lot of your data.

PAST 4.02 review by Jovin Kint B. Villalba (Apr 28, 2020)


Free Pornhub Download review by Markus (Apr 17, 2020)

This app is not grab it is crap.. 50% of the time the download fails.. Pause of downloads is not working. Quality is bad. 50Mb download size for a tool just crazy

SmartCVS 7.1.9 review by Manikandan (Apr 14, 2020)

It is good to use

SmarThru Office 2.07.10 review by Simeon Artinov (Apr 7, 2020)

Samsung SmarThru™ Office is a powerful document management application for office users