Downloads for Windows 10 - New users' reviews

Cakewalk 2021.09 review by Viktor (Dec 26, 2021)

Thanks for free good quality DAW. Got a paid version of Sonar before. Does nearly anything that could be expected from MIDI-audio sequencer

NTv2Tools 4.03 review by Hans-Helmut (Dec 16, 2021)

This software is worth every penny! Awesome!

LeaderTask 14.8.21 review by Jeff (Dec 6, 2021)

A really good application, although at the beginning I was skeptical. As a result, it turned out to be an excellent multifunctional task manager that is great for both personal affairs and for workers.

Bootgraph CAD Viewer 4.0 review by Loc (Dec 3, 2021)

I find this software by chance. it is nice and quite useful, espcially for DWG openning and simple measurement.

QMSCAPA 2.15.1 review by papalexx (Nov 30, 2021)