Merge PST Files for Outlook

Merge PST Files for Outlook 4.13

Joins multiple PST data files for Outlook.

Sometimes, you must merge several Outlook PST data files into one. It's very difficult to perform such a merge operation with standard Outlook tools. Such manual operations are fraught with errors and data loss. Our free utility automatically combines multiple PST files into one or more new PST data files. It can work with PST files connected to Outlook and PST files on either your disk or network share.

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Windows 10


Windows 10


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Merge PST Files for Outlook for Windows 10 - Full description

This free tool joins multiple Outlook PST data files. Key advantages of the utility: - Merging your PST files is safe. The utility changes nothing, but only creates new PST files. - Works with PST files of any size supported by Outlook. There are no limits on the number of folders and messages. - If necessary, splits the combined PST files into pieces by size. - Provides a filter by folder type. For example, you can merge only Outlook contact folders or only calendars from different PST files. - Can skip or replace duplicates. This allows you to merge the same PST files several times, skipping duplicates in new files. This mode is useful for backing up multiple PST files. - Supports macros in names of stored files and folders inside PST files. For a merged PST file, you can specify a folder name; the utility will create folders from source PST files in this folder. - Skip deleted items. To avoid copying redundant data when merging PST files, you can skip deleted items. Here, the "Deleted Items" folder and all its subfolders will be skipped when merging PST files. - Detailed report on the results. After the merge is complete, you will receive a report that shows how many items have been copied, skipped, or replaced for each PST file. - To merge multiple Outlook PST files, select a folder with PST files on your disk or network share, specify the name of the combined file to be created and run the utility. Enable the subfolder processing mode, the path to the folder in the new PST file, the modes of skipping deleted items and duplicates, and set the filter by Outlook folder type. You can also limit the maximum size of the created PST file - in this case, several files may be created. Using the command line in batch files and scripts allows you to automate the merging of PST files, and to perform scheduled operations.

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