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Looking for a perfect keyword tracker that ALSO produces stunning client reports? Get Rank Tracker - the all-in-one SEs tracking software. *Check rankings for hundreds of keywords in hundreds of SEs at once. *Keep a close eye on competition. *Report traffic and bounce rates. *Use Universal Search tracking (Images, News, etc. results). *Create smash-hit client reports.*Find new cost-effective keywords. *Try the FREE version today!

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License: Shareware
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What is an indispensable part of any SEO campaign? Right, checking website rankings. Monitoring progress. Reporting to clients. How long does it take you to do it by hand? Let me guess - an hour a day? Maybe more, if you have many websites with many keywords... Hey, did you know you could do ALL that in virtually NO time at all? Did you? Well, now you do! Get Rank Tracker - the answer to all your keyword tracking needs and the solution to all your SEO reporting problems. *It allows you to track rankings as if you were in another country. Here is how you can leverage the power of Rank Tracker to save yourself time BIG time, track AND report rankings, and overtake the competitors in the search engines before they know it! #1 Use the SEO tool to get infinite keyword ideas for your niche (20 suggestion methods). #2 Pick only highly relevant keywords with the highest KEI (keyword efficiency index). #3 Use Rank Tracker to see how much Web traffic those keywords will bring you if you rank #1 for them. #4 Optimize your website for the keywords you picked. #5 Run a blasting rankings, traffic or visibility report that demonstrates your progress to clients and shows that the competitors are at bay. #7 Make your life easier - customize Rank Trackers SEO report the way you need it, auto-email it to a client or simply publish it to the Web. Moreover, Rank Tracker will cover for you when you are on vacation or simply away. Just use the scheduler feature to get rankings checked and report generated 100% on auto-pilot. Will run on Windows, Linux or Mac. Real SEOs dream come true! Still in doubt? Try it out! Hit Download for a free trial.

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