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RealMeteo Portable 7P.8.12

RealMeteo 7P- automatic meteo weather browser

RealMeteo portable is a custom automatic browser that display automatically satellite weather pictures and webcams. RealMeteo build a meteo point with a single pc connected to web. Many satellite pictures are available on web, and RealMeteo downloads automatically them at time scheduled, and then displays in a slide show the selected pictures. It is the ideal solution for safety and civil protection bases

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License: Shareware
Price: $36.50
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Keywords: portable, portableapps, realmeteo, meteo, weather, tempo, previsioni, forecast, meteorology, meteorologia, giugliacci, bernacca, pautax, infrarossi, webcam, meteosat, noaa, nasa, eurosat, ilmeteo
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Windows 10


Windows 10


RealMeteo Portable for Windows 10 - Full description

Create a portable meteo-point with RealMeteo portable and a PC - The meteo forecast and the satellite earth pictures about weather available on web, are a topic more interesting for many peoples and companies. To be able to slide show this media in sequential and automatic way gives origin to an interesting 'meteo-point', useful in RealMeteo portable is the ideal solution for safety, civil protection bases and more. - AUTOMATIC BROWSER - RealMeteo is a robotized browser, easy to configurate. The comfortable pages menu, allows us to easily plan the few necessary parameters. You can set-up the picture speed time of slide-show, re-connection time (RealMeteo reconnect itself to internet to download the updated pictures), and visualization mode (scaled mode or full screen). An interesting thing for the guest company it is the possibility to insert in the slide-show, ten pictures 'custom', i.e. the photos of the establishment, the logo of the company or the photo of a key products, profit to have an advertising return from the software. Once verified that the program works as we desire, we have only to place shotcut in auto-start folder (MS windows), and if we want, un-connect the keyboard and the mouse from the computer, to prevent unauthorized modify of setup parameters. - DEMO MODE - Just installed, the program normally works in demo free mode and it visualizes pictures not updated in real time, only the first image is in real-time mode. The refresh rate depends on the various satellites and you can vary from some about ten minutes, to some times. - REGISTRATION - Register for free on SETUP page of software, and receive immediately the serial number to activate RealMeteo and start the software in real time mode. - FREEWARE - RealMeteo is freeware for personal and no-profit use. Professional users have to pay fee of 36.6 (association membership that is free for no-profit users). Portable version run without to be installed.

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