2D Frame Analysis Truss Edition

2D Frame Analysis Truss Edition 5.4

Structural analysis of trusses

This application performs structural analysis of trusses and pinned frames. The supported analysis types include static linear and non-linear analysis (second orderd effects are supported). The program features a powerful, interactive and easy interface. A great majority of predefined materials and cross sections is supported.

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Keywords: Structural analysis of trusses, static analysis of trusses, dynamic analysis of trusses, pinned farame analysis software, non-linear analysis of trusses software
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2D Frame Analysis Truss Edition for Windows 10 - Full description

2D Frame Analysis - Truss Edition is a powerful application that can perform a wide range of calculations on 2Dtrusses. The structure can be drawn directly using the versatile featured user interface. The user can also import standard steel sections from a complete shape library according to all major codes (AISC, Australian-New Zealand, BS, Chinese, European, Indian, Aluminum etc.) There are no limitations regarding the geometry of the structure, materials or loads, since the program can handle any arbitrary 2D truss structure under linear static and non-linear loads. Among its capabilities, 2D Frame Analysis - Truss Edition can calculate and graphically illustrate deformations, internal forces, dynamic modes and other analysis results. A large material library is also available according to almost all concrete, steel, timber, aluminum etc. material specifications. Apart from these, the user can define custom material and cross section data for use in the structure that is modelled.

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