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WP Changer 2.3

Multimonitor. Collages. Change logon.

Specify the file(s) and/or folder(s) to include or exclude, select time frequency to change, change also logon screen, choose or create you own collages, preview the configuration changes, live preview collage generation. Auto rotate/adjust on monitor layout changes (resolution or arrangement). Use different images/collages on several monitors. Use one large image extended to both monitors.

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License: Freeware
Price: FREE
File size: 2.32 MB
Downloads: 6
Keywords: Wallpaper changer, Automatic Wallpaper Changer, Wallpaper changer with preview, Collage Wallpaper, Automatic Collage Wallpaper, Multimonitor wallpaper, Dual monitor wallpaper
Author URL: https://smayora.wixsite.com/smatools
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Windows 10


Windows 10


WP Changer for Windows 10 - Full description

Basic features: -Customize file(s) and/or recursive folder(s) to be excluded -Change the wallpaper when windows or the program starts -Change the wallpaper every a configurable quantity of minutes and/or hours -Auto start with windows -Multi-monitor support (see Unique features below) -Random o sequential image selection -Configure the app to use the same image in all displays or extend the image to all displays -Preview -Like it so far? Read the Unique features then! **UNIQUE** Features you will find nowhere else: -Changes the logon windows (win 7 only) to match the main desktop wallpaper. -Smart multi-monitor support (tested with 2 so far): -Auto change when a display is plugged or unplugged -Auto change when a display is moved in the display array. -Extended images supports many displays with different resolutions and defaced displays. -Collage configuration (see below) -Auto configuration based on the individual image sizes -Auto change when any display resolution is changed -Collage: why displaying only one image? why not showing 2,5, even 40? you can easily customize how many images will be shown, their distribution, a pattern or solid backgrounds and add a colorized border to the frames. The program will fill the frames with your pictures. You'll love it! -Many collages: why having only one collage? configure many collages and let them play random! -Some Collages are preconfigured and some basic background patterns are provided. -Recent files used: View, exclude it (or its folder) or use it again. -Random feature does not repeat the files until all of them have been shown. Other features, comments: -Does not requires any runtimes, just the installer or the zip file -Tested with Windows XP, 7 and 10 -With a few tweaks you can make it work on Windows 7 Starter. -No Ads -No internet connection is required nor used by the program

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