1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer

1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer

1DNEST: Cutting Optimization & Length Nesting

1DNest - 1D cutting optimizer is the most efficient, friendly and powerful one-dimensional cutting optimization software to make cutting plans with optimal efficiency for manufacturers who cut in pieces of smaller size, the materials provided in standard lengths like bars, tubes, structural profiles, beams, aluminium extrusions, paper rolls, etc.

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License: Shareware
Price: $171.00
File size: 1 kB
Downloads: 198
Keywords: 1D cutting optimizer, cutting software, 1d nesting, cutting optimization, pipe cutting, cutting optimizer, length nesting, 1D optimizer, 1d cutting, length cut calculator
Author URL: http://www.1d-solutions.com
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User Rating: 3.7 (3 votes)

1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer for Windows 10 - Full description

1D-Nest linear cutting optimizer is the most efficient, friendly and powerful optimization software to make efficient cutting plans for materials provided in standard lengths, like bars, tubes, metallic profiles, structural steel, extrusions, paper rolls, etc. Power: NO quantity limits for pieces to cut or Bars to cut from. Accept until 1500 different lengths of pieces to cut Accept until 290 different lengths of stock bars to cut from. Real time solutions Easy interaction with Ms Excel to import data and throw results directly to excel. Accuracy: The program algorithms try to reach the mathematical optimum solutions or gets the better aproximation possible to absolute optimum at real time. Friendly: Intuitive and easy to use design, graphic reports, spreadsheet output and labels printing, material resumes. Easy interaction and data exchange with excel spreadsheets.

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