Email Address Extractor for Gmail

Email Address Extractor for Gmail

Extracts email ids from an account of Gmail

Gmail Email Address Extractor software is a fine tool that can harvest email ids from an account of Gmail.This web email extractor is user-friendly and time-saving software that extracts email addresses, without wasting the time of yours. The software consists of choices to extract email ids from folders like Inbox, Outbox, etc. As per your requirement. The extracted email addresses can be saved either in .CSV or.TXT format for their use in

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License: Shareware
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Email Address Extractor for Gmail for Windows 10 - Full description

Email Address Extractor tool for Gmail is an ingenious step towards getting email ids from Gmail in bulk. This unique tool is extremely advanced in its features & serves the task well. The tool has ample amount of choices to fulfill all the requirements of the user. It works exactly as ordered by the user & finishes it in the given time. This Email Extractor has the ability to harvest email addresses from folders of Gmail. Users can choose to extract email ids either from all the folders or from folders inbox, outbox, sent, etc. Individually. So you can choose & extract email ids according to your choice. If you want, you can extract email ids from fields like CC, BCC, To, From, etc. Also. The unique thing about this tool is its feature of filtering. You can apply option Do not list Duplicate Emails and get only the original IDs that is on the list. The tool is a state of the art that has expertise in getting email ids at every cost. The structure has been devised in such a way that a non-technical can also use it easily. It quenches all needs of the user arising for the email ids. It is the best way to extract email ids from Gmail account without wasting your time.

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