HL7Tools 19.05.11

Free tools for working with HL7 messages.

Free tools for viewing, editing, transmitting, and analyzing HL7 messages. HL7Viewer - Viewing, editing, filtering, searching, comparing, and transmitting messages. HL7Script - Bulk message scripting for analysis and transformation. HL7ScriptService - Windows service version of HL7Script. HL7Transmitter - HL7 TCP/IP MLLP transmitter/receiver service. HL7Sort - Bulk message sorting.

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License: Freeware
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Keywords: HL7, Free, Viewer, Editor, Transmitter, Receiver, TCP/IP, MLLP, Script, Analysis, Integration
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Windows 10


Windows 10


HL7Tools for Windows 10 - Full description

HL7 Tools contains multiple applications for working with HL7 message data. It supports file-based and database message stores from a number of popular database systems. HL7Viewer is a utility for viewing and editing HL7 data in an expandable/collapsible tree view (no more counting pipe characters!). You can view messages from files containing one or many messages, messages pasted from the clipboard, or even search entire directory trees to load only messages meeting your specific criteria. The latest features of note are fast anonymization, data validation, diff, find in files, and MLLP message transmission. HL7Script is for bulk-processing of messages for analysis or transformation. It has its own scripting language you can use to extract the information you need from the input messages, or change them and selectively pass them along to the next system. HL7Script can process large volumes of data as it works on messages one-at-a-time. HL7ScriptService is the Windows service version of the interactive HL7Script program. It will periodically poll a directory or database for files containing HL7 messages or other input and process them with a script. Multiple such connections can be configured, each set to poll a different source and use different scripts and settings. It includes a graphical configuration program for easy setup, HL7ScriptServiceConfig. HL7TransmitterService is a Windows service that is used to transmit and receive HL7 messages using the Minimal Low-Level Protocol (MLLP) over TCP/IP connections. Multiple transmitters and receivers can be configured. Messages can be stored in a database or as files. It includes a graphical configuration program for easy setup, HL7TransmitterConfig. HL7Sort is a command-line utility that will read an input file or directory full of HL7 messages and write them to an output file in a user-selected sorted order but otherwise unchanged. HL7Sort can work on very large files.

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