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Oxygen XML Developer is the class leading tool dedicated to XML development, focusing on XML source editing, Schema designer and XSLT editing/debugging. It offers powerful support to help you edit, transform, and debug XML based documents, making XML development easy and effective. A WSDL editor is also available, providing a specialized Content Completion Assistant and Outline view, along with many other helpful features.

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License: Shareware
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Keywords: xml developement, xml, oxygen xml, xml developer, edit xml, transform xml, debug xml
Author URL: http://www.oxygenxml.com
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Windows 10


Windows 10


Oxygen XML Developer for Windows 10 - Full description

New features and improvements added in Oxygen XML Developer version 22.0 include: * DITA authoring enhancements include a new DITA Perspective that provides an optimal UI environment for working with DITA projects, media resources are now presented in the DITA Reusable Components View, various improvements to search and refactoring operations, and much more. * Support was added for the DITA-OT project file, used to define all the contexts and deliverables for a DITA publication project. Some of its benefits include simplified publishing using a single configuration file, the possibility to share and reuse project configurations, project-level validation support, and enhanced authoring. * DITA publishing to PDF using CSS was updated with various new parameters and styling features, and it is now possible to transform a single DITA topic to CSS-based PDF output. * The HTML5 editing support was enhanced to be as robust as with XHTML. You can now edit HTML documents in the Author visual mode even if they are not XML well-formed. Support was also added for content completion in CSS or JS code embedded in HTML, code templates, formatting, XPath queries, and much more. * The built-in Markdown editor is more powerful than ever. You can now apply business rule checks using real-time Schematron validation, and the editor now has synchronized scrolling between the source pane and preview pane, which offers the possibility of previewing the Markdown content as HTML, DITA, or Lightweight DITA, with the latter two facilitating the use of Markdown in the DITA ecosy

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