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PC Matic

Perform critical computer maintenance

PC Matic is the collection of all of PC Pitstop's technologies under one hood and one integrated architecture. This includes our world renowned OverDrive scanning technology with well over 200 million scans under its belt since we opened our doors in 2000. Run our Free Scan now to see what this incredible new application can do for your computer.

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Keywords: malware, virus, optimize, remove, internet, protection, security
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Windows 10


Windows 10


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PC Matic for Windows 10 - Full description

PC Matic is an easy to use application that performs critical computer maintenance with a click of a button. PC Matic will remove and keep Malware at bay while boosting internet and system performance. The new Active Malware Protection stops Viruses, Spyware, Worms, Trojan Horses, Rootkits, Bots, Keyloggers, Adware, and many other forms of Malware. Eliminate lockups and computer crashes with PC Matic's advance registry cleaning and patent pending Driver Matic automatic driver update technology. Keep files safe, PC Matic now includes PC Pitstop's new DAT1 backup software which provides 2GB of free secure online backup and unlimited local backup. PC Matic Cloud based scheduler makes it easy to keep multiple computers running like new. You will never again have to run multiple programs to maximize the performance, stability and security of your system. With just one click, PC Matic will make sure your PC always runs like new.

The #1 selling PC performance utility in the United States, Optimize, has also been integrated into PC Matic. Optimize has reached its lofty status with the winning combination of junk file removal, internet optimization, registry cleaner, and removing unwanted programs. We are really proud of Optimize, but believe you me, we are not resting on its laurels.

PC Matic integrates Driver Alert 2.0 with a new feature called Driver Matic. Driver Matic installs the latest drivers with the click of a button. No more downloading a package (exe, zip, dll), and then uninstalling, Driver Matic creates a unified architecture for easy and seamless driver installation. We can now install a driver without any user intervention.

On top of all that we included Disk MD's functionality, PC Pitstop's venerable disk health product.

Even more, a suite of benchmarks are run to make absolute certain that the performance is 100% tweaked. The results are then tabulated and compared to all of the other computers in the world to create the system's World Rank.

And finally, a brand new Anti-Malware scan and clean engine has been integrated into PC Matic. PC Matic now enables users to finally have both security and performance all in one product. Not one at the expense of the other.

Unified Architecture

PC Matic takes a simple and holistic approach to maintenance. Unlike other products on the market, all of these technologies can be accessed through the click of one button. Our new architecture goes beyond a simple exercise in integration because we are using Software as a Service heavily. Check that, more than heavily, it is the core of the application.

This architecture enables unparalleled functionality. For example, we now have a scheduler like no other scheduler in the world. All of the scan and clean results are stored on our servers. They can be viewed from any computer, not just the computer on which the functions were performed. Furthermore, the results can be sent via email to easily manage all of your computers from one place.

PC Matic is fluid. New features will be added to PC Matic on the fly, and not accumulate for a new version. Just like a web page gets updated automatically, same with functionality in PC Matic. We have an incredible roadmap of new features including Windows 7 tweaks.


Defragments Disks
Updates Drivers
Fixes Software Vulnerabilities
Updates Common Software Automatically
Cleans Registry
Removes Junk Files
Optimizes Broadband
Scans and Cleans Security Threats
Measures Performance with a Benchmark Suite
Protects Absolutely Against Modern Security Threats
Optimizes SSD
Deactivates Unnecessary Windows Tasks
Removes Unnecessary Start Up Applications
Disables Resource Hogging Start Up Services
Accelerates Downloads in FF and IE
Maintain and Manage Your PCs Remotely
Schedule Computer Maintenance Automatically
Detailed Maintenance, Security and Performance Reporting
Easy to Use

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