SQLite-to-MySQL 1.0

convert SQLite databases to MySQL format

SQLite-to-MySQL is a program to convert SQLite databases to MySQL. All SQLite data types and attributes are supported. The program has easy-to-use wizard style interface and works with all versions of MySQL server.

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License: Shareware
Price: $49.00
File size: 1.46 MB
Downloads: 42
Keywords: convert sqlite to mysql, sqlite2mysql, migrate database, database migration, synchronize data, synchronization, download
Author URL: http://www.convert-in.com/
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Windows 10


Windows 10


SQLite-to-MySQL for Windows 10 - Full description

SQLite-to-MySQL is a program to migrate SQLite databases to MySQL server. Key features: (1) all versions of Unix/Linux and Windows MySQL servers are supported (2) option to customize field mapping (modify name, type, default values for every column); (3) converts indexes with all necessary attributes; (4) converts relationships between tables; (5) option to merge SQLite data into an existing MySQL database; (6) option to export SQLite databases into a dump file; (7) option to store conversion settings into profile; (8) option to specify MySQL storage engine and MySQL charset; (9) support for Unicode; (10) command line support; (11) easy-to-use wizard style interface; (12) full install/uninstall support; (13) unlimited 24/7 support service; (14) 1-year subscription for updates

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