Super Bomberman 2

Super Bomberman 2

Explosive Multiplayer Fun!

Welcome to the ultimate explosive gaming experience! Super Bomberman 2, developed by GameFabrique, is now available for Windows 10. Prepare to ignite your nostalgia with this classic multiplayer game, where strategic bomb placement and cunning tactics reign supreme. Gather your friends and embark on a thrilling adventure filled with intense battles and power-ups. With its seamless compatibility and immersive gameplay, Super Bomberman 2 guarantees endless hours of explosive fun on your Windows 10 device. Download now and let the bombing frenzy begin!

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License: Freeware
Price: FREE
File size: 1.35 MB
Downloads: 552
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Super Bomberman 2ArcadeWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64, Windows 10, Windows 10 x64

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Windows 10


Windows 10


Super Bomberman 2 for Windows 10 - Full description

Welcome to the ultimate gaming destination for Windows 10 users! Discover the explosive fun of "Super Bomberman 2" developed by GameFabrique. This thrilling game takes you on a nostalgic journey, combining classic gameplay with modern enhancements. Immerse yourself in a world of strategic bombing, cunning traps, and intense multiplayer battles. With its sleek graphics and smooth controls, "Super Bomberman 2" delivers an exhilarating gaming experience like no other. Whether you're a fan of the original or new to the series, this Windows 10 download is a must-have for every gaming enthusiast. Get ready to ignite the bombs and conquer the battlefield!

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