The  Ultimate STAR TREK Screensaver

The Ultimate STAR TREK Screensaver 1.2

THOR screensaver

THOR screensaver Amazing full-screen picture slide show screensaver that demonstrates enhanced features,All the latest spiderman graphics,theme,song including cool 3d & constant movement effects. includes clock calendar OTHER OPTIONS cool SETTINGS

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License: Shareware
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Windows 10


Windows 10


The Ultimate STAR TREK Screensaver for Windows 10 - Full description

Screensaver animation and customizable settings All our screensavers have a simple to use application that enables you to protect your computer and your screen when you are away from your desk. The screensaver is a system function designed to protect the computer when it is idle, which is automatically activated when the station is idle. You may customize the application by specifying the amount of time the computer remains in full function before going into the idle state, the duration of each slide on display and their order. The software can resize the images, by stretching them, modifying their aspect ratio or not. Alternatively, it may display the pictures in their original size. You may activate and alternate the transition effects for each picture, as well as enable image panning, rotating or zooming. Soundtrack for the screensavers By default, some of are applications plays theme songs in a loop, as long as the screensaver is active. However, you may mute the sounds if you should so choose or create a playlist of local files, to be rendered instead. You may activate the playlist shuffle or play in random order. The screensaver can easily be deactivated, when you return to the computer. You may close the Batman slideshow when moving the mouse, clicking a mouse button, pressing a keyboard button or when using the ‘Esc' key. Complex screensaver with images, clock and calendar Aside from displaying the images , the screensaver can also display a clock and a calendar, when active. You may enable these elements or hide them, according to your preferences. The images are extracted from the movies, the games and conceptual art created throughout time. All our screensavers are excellent quality and do not contain any adware To uninstall any of our screensavers, go to Control Panel, Add/Remove programs and remove

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