FontTwister 1.5

creates 3d fonts, text effects and logos

FontTwister is designed to create numerous types of illustrations and graphics in the form of text effects, banners, logos, and more. You can create images with transparency, glows, bevels, textures, shadows and more using the styles in the software. The results of the filters are shown immediately and can be edited before exporting. Use FontTwister to make video thumbnails for YouTube or Facebook and to design unique title effects.

FontTwister 1.5 details

License: Shareware
Price: $25.00
File size: 2.22 MB
Downloads: 62
Keywords: 3D text effects, fonts logo, thumbnail maker, youtube thumbnail, web graphics, button maker, bevel shadow, FX text, 3D font, font styler
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FontTwister for Windows 10 - Full description

You don't have to be a graphic designer to produce professional text effects with FontTwister. This program is designed to add a range of logos, letter headings or banners without having to struggle for hours with Word's design features, or clumsy programs which only have a limited library of texts to work with. The FontTwister also allows you to add glowing backgrounds, transparency and embossing, and create texture, blurs or shadows to your words, along with many other features. As a YouTube thumbnail maker, FontTwister offers a variety of free thumbnail templates. It works with Windows and with Mac through the Crossover feature, and this can also allow it to work for Linux customers too. It is free to try for 30 days, although you will have to work with a watermark on any images made, and then it can be bought for $39.00. Overall, the effects of the program are good, with dynamic images which can be ideal when a company wants to change its image without employing a professional designer. It can also be sued to create dynamic images which can be put on to a webpage, perhaps as a logo for a new brand, or for a blog. Being able to use the FontTwister cuts down on the amount of effort you have to put into text before you get a professional-looking design, and you can create and reject a design in minutes, spending all day getting the perfect look if you choose. The program works with all TrueType fonts, including those for both Windows and Apple, so you could change any text you want. Rather than pay good money for another boring typeface which doesn't inspire enthusiasm in your workforce, or interest in your blog readers, using FontTwister can easily give you exactly what you want for only $39, much less than the cost of a professional graphic designer, and much easier to work with, too.

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