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NProfile 8.0 Marketing Contacts Software

NProfile 8.0 Marketing Software App is Flexible Software for Managing Customer Contacts, Email Lists and Marketing Robot; Includes Customer Details, Developing News, Preparing Leads, Creating Surveys, Emailing News, Marketing Leads, Surveys etc. App can be used for Email-List Management as well as for Marketing Products, Services to saved Customer Contacts and Groups.

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License: Shareware
Price: $20.00
File size: 13.80 MB
Downloads: 10
Keywords: NProfile, Customer, Contact, Marketing, Email-List, Survey, Software
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Windows 10


Windows 10


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NProfile 8.0 Marketing is Flexible-n-Helpful Software to manage Contacts, News, Leads and Surveys for Small companies. Key-Features: FOR Very Small Companies, Stores, Organizations TOTAL 50 Features (Modules, 13 Reports, Options) LITE Installation; Installs in 3-5 Minutes PC/Laptop/Desktop Based Software Customer Contacts & Maintenance Creating News, News Distribution Lead Development, Marketing Lead Prepare Surveys, Conduct Surveys Data Import, Export Address, Phone, Email Lists Labels, Reports, Analysis Customer, Groups, Help Email or Print or Save; Options & Reports Contacts Software, Marketing System, Emailing App License for 1 (One) PC/User/Setup/Year/Business Try Full Software; With Minimal Limitation -

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