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Record your Skype calls and save it to Gmail

Skype is by far the most popular IP telephony tool in the world with millions of everyday users and conversations. A great number of situations require that not only text messages be logged, but audio conversations as well - and this is something Skype doesn't support by default. Fortunately, there are third-party solutions that add this extremely useful functionality to Skype - such as Pistonsoft Skype Recorder.

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With so many important calls being made through Skype these days, the ability to save conversations to your computer appears absolutely essential. Discussions of design or engineering concepts, opinions voiced during multi-user conference calls, project-related agreements, terms and a whole lot of other topics and things often expressed in voice should better be saved to a reliable archive, so that you can always find the necessary file and use it in an argument.

Unfortunately, Skype does not support voice recording "out of the box" and there are no plans to implement this feature in any form in the nearest feature. And that's exactly where Skype Recorder comes into play!

Unlike its competitors, Pistonsoft Skype Recorder allows you to record Skype calls and save recorded conversations both locally and in your Google Mail account . In both cases, audio logs are saved as compact high-quality MP3 files. When saving conversations to your Gmail account, the program labels them as "Skype History", so you can quickly select these messages from the entire message archive.

The use of a remote storage saves space on your hard drive and is 100% safe - the program establishes a secure connection with Gmail to submit every Skype history item. Having your Skype chat history files online enables you to access your audio Skype history journal from anywhere in the world in the 24/7 mode. You can also use a single Gmail account to serve as a storage container for multiple instances of Skype Voice Recorder and filter/forward incoming messages further. As an example, you can use the program to monitor your children's or employees' online chats and automatically receive complete voice logs to your inbox.

This compact Skype call recorder offers the following useful features

* Possibility to record Skype calls;
* Possibility to save Skype history locally and to your Gmail account as MP3 files;
* Secure transmission of your Skype history items to Google Mail via secure SSL connection;
* Automating labeling of Skype chat history entries in your inbox.

Note that the current version of Skype Voice Recorder requires users to enter their Gmail login details. This is only required once and this information is only used by the program for submitting new messages, so the connection is not opened all the time. For extra security, you can always create a new Gmail inbox and use it as a forwarder only. Pistonsoft Skype Recorder does not have any special requirements besides Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and the IMAP protocol being enabled in Gmail settings.

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