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Windows 10 - MailBee.NET Security 11.2 screenshot

MailBee.NET Security

... communication, this powerful component seamlessly integrates into your applications, ensuring robust security measures. With MailBee.NET Security, you can effortlessly safeguard your sensitive data, protect against ...

Price: $199.00 / Shareware
Windows 10 - Relevos 6.1 B1257 screenshot


... is your ultimate solution for optimizing remote desktop server performance, taking your productivity to new heights. With ... unlock the full potential of your remote desktop servers. ...

Price: $450.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - Funambol 10.0.2 screenshot


Welcome to the download page for Funambol, a state-of-the-art software developed by Funambol, Inc. This innovative Windows 10 software is designed to streamline your digital life ...

Price: FREE / Open Source
Windows 10 - MailBee.NET POP3 11.2 screenshot

MailBee.NET POP3

... software is your go-to tool for efficient email management on Windows 10. Experience the future of email with MailBee.NET POP3! ...

Price: $199.00 / Shareware
Windows 10 - Dataceptor screenshot


... a powerful tool designed to streamline your data management process, providing a seamless experience for both beginners ... and unlock the full potential of your data management journey with Dataceptor by BullZip. ...

Price: $998.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - Password Vault Manager Professional screenshot

Password Vault Manager Professional

Welcome to the home of Password Vault Manager Professional, a state-of-the-art software solution developed by the renowned Devolutions inc. This software is a must-have for any ...

Price: $19.99 / Trialware
Windows 10 - OrgCourier 4.5 screenshot


... and organizations seeking to streamline their scheduling and management processes. OrgCourier is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and operate, ...

Price: $49.95 / Shareware
Windows 10 - File Unlocker 5.12 screenshot

File Unlocker

... your system. Whether you encounter files blocked by other applications or those that refuse to be deleted, File ... to frustrating error messages and embrace smooth file management with File Unlocker for Windows 10. ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - OrgScheduler 8.2 screenshot


... daily tasks, boost productivity, and enhance your time management skills. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, OrgScheduler is the ultimate solution for individuals and ...

Price: $29.95 / Shareware
Windows 10 - @SwIt Printfil 5.30 screenshot

@SwIt Printfil

Welcome to the download page for "@SwIt Printfil" - the ultimate solution developed by aSwIt Srl: Mail, Print for DOS, Windows. This remarkable software seamlessly bridges ...

Price: $52.00 / Shareware
Windows 10 - Find Duplicate Contacts 4.11 screenshot

Find Duplicate Contacts

... "Find Duplicate Contacts" now and optimize your contact management like never before! ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Roster 3.6 screenshot


... simplifying the daunting task of employee scheduling and management. Roster is a user-friendly, intuitive software that allows managers to create, update, and manage employee schedules ...

Price: $49.95 / Shareware
Windows 10 - FinalBuilder 8.0.0 B3264 screenshot


... are looking for an automated build and release management solution. FinalBuilder is a versatile tool that supports ... range of actions, from compiling code to deploying applications, making it a one-stop-shop for all your development ...

Price: $359.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - Bugee 1.0 screenshot


... a game-changer in the realm of Windows 10 applications, designed to streamline your tasks and enhance your productivity. Bugee is a marvel of modern software engineering, ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Zend Studio 13.6.1 screenshot

Zend Studio

... enabling you to develop, debug, and deploy PHP applications more efficiently. Zend Studio is a comprehensive solution ... cloud support. You can easily deploy your PHP applications on leading cloud platforms, ensuring seamless integration and ...

Price: $349.00 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - Ultimate FTP Component 5.2.9092 screenshot

Ultimate FTP Component

... advanced features, including support for asynchronous programming, proxy servers, and IPv6. It also offers advanced file management capabilities, allowing you to synchronize directories, resume interrupted

Price: $299.00 / Shareware
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Windows 10 - ClosedXML 0.102.1 screenshot


Welcome to the Windows 10 download page for the innovative software, ClosedXML, a brainchild of the brilliant Manuel De Leon. This powerful tool is designed to ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
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Windows 10 - Suneido 20180117 screenshot


... exceptional performance. Discover the endless possibilities of data management and analysis with Suneido. Download now and unlock the true potential of your Windows 10 device. ...

Price: FREE / Open Source
Windows 10 - Meteor Share 5.2.0 screenshot

Meteor Share

... choice for users who value efficiency and time management. But that's not all. Meteor Share also offers a unique feature that allows you to preview files ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Text to Software 8.5 screenshot

Text to Software

... revolutionizes the way you transform text into powerful applications. With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, "Text to Software" empowers users to effortlessly convert natural ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - MaplePDF 5.0 screenshot


... need to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other document format, MaplePDF provides a reliable and efficient ... to compatibility issues and hello to streamlined document management. Download MaplePDF now and unlock the full potential ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Dynamic Web TWAIN 18.3 screenshot

Dynamic Web TWAIN

... this exceptional Windows 10 software revolutionizes web-based document management. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Dynamic ... you need to scan invoices, IDs, or any other paper-based content, this software ensures smooth integration into ...

Price: $299.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - SocketTools File Transfer 9.2.9200.2450 screenshot

SocketTools File Transfer

... or download files, manage remote directories, and perform server-to-server file transfers. The software provides a comprehensive solution for ... need to integrate file transfer capability into their applications. It's compatible with various programming languages, including Visual ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - ASPX Code 128 Barcode Script 19.01 screenshot

ASPX Code 128 Barcode Script

... integrate Code 128 barcodes into their ASPX web applications. With its sleek and intuitive interface, this script ... few clicks. Whether you need to streamline inventory management, enhance product tracking, or optimize customer experience, the ...

Price: $590.00 / Demo
Windows 10 - Fling FTP Uploader Software 5.03 screenshot

Fling FTP Uploader Software

... maintain your website or share files with remote servers. It's designed to be versatile, catering to a wide range of tasks, from updating web servers to backing up important files. This software is ...

Price: $50.00 / Shareware
Windows 10 - DBSync for MS FoxPro & MS SQL 4.6.9 screenshot

DBSync for MS FoxPro & MS SQL

... interface and robust functionality, this software streamlines database management, ensuring efficient data migration, synchronization, and replication. Whether ... your databases. Download now and elevate your data management to new heights! ...

Price: $149.00 / Demo
Windows 10 - Fling Free FTP Uploader Software 5.03 screenshot

Fling Free FTP Uploader Software

... effortlessly upload and transfer files to their FTP server with utmost ease and efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Fling Free FTP Uploader ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - newLISP 10.7.5 screenshot


... that empowers users to create robust and efficient applications effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation, newLISP is the perfect tool for both beginners ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Product Key Decryptor 10.0 screenshot

Product Key Decryptor

... recover license keys of over 200 popular software applications, including Windows, Adobe, Norton, and more. Product Key ... Key Decryptor by SecurityXploded and make software license management a breeze. This tool is your key to ...

Price: FREE / Freeware

Results: 140 - 169 of 243