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Windows 10 - Voxengo VariSaturator 1.11 screenshot

Voxengo VariSaturator

... AAX, AudioUnit and VST plugin designed to apply saturation effects to audio material. VariSaturator can be used ... sound more pronounced and polished. VariSaturator features two saturation modules which are applied in sequence, in two-band ...

Price: $49.95 / Demo
Windows 10 - SATV 3.6 screenshot


SATV is analogue modelled saturation plug-in that adds harmonic depth and richness to ... your whole mix. There are four selectable saturation modes: 1. Transistor 2. Transformer 3. Tube 4. ...

Price: $49.00 / Demo
Windows 10 - Decapitator 5.3.2 screenshot


Decapitator is an Analog Saturation Modeler. It has long been the magic mojo ... a signature sound. Used subtle to extreme, analog saturation is the golden child of great mixes. That's ...

Price: $79.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - Batch Image Enhancer Lite 5.6.72 screenshot

Batch Image Enhancer Lite

... RGB color corrections, adjust brightness, gamma, exposure, contrast, saturation, and 30+ other characteristics. Improve image quality by sharpening, noise reduction, and auto-levels filters. Apply creative ...

Price: FREE / Shareware
Windows 10 - ContrastMaster Plugin 1.11b screenshot

ContrastMaster Plugin

... contrast adjustment methods as well as various masking, saturation and brightness options. The three local adjustment methods ... of shadow/highlight and color masking options. Additionally, a saturation mask feature lets you improve saturation without oversaturating ...

Price: $69.95 / Demo
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Windows 10 - LightMachine Plugin 2.11b screenshot

LightMachine Plugin

LightMachine corrects brightness, contrast, color and saturation in specific image areas independently from each other. ... photo enhancement tools Corrects brightness, contrast, color and saturation in shadows and highlights independently of each other ...

Price: $69.95 / Demo
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Windows 10 - Big Blue Compressor 1.0.7 screenshot

Big Blue Compressor

... qualities from the analog world, such as the saturation of transients that is typical of tube compressors. ... the sound transients. Features: Tube-compressor-style dynamic saturation. Variable-knee limiting with proprietary tube modeling. Dry/wet control ...

Price: $149.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - Quest Photo  screenshot

Quest Photo

... Make photos come to life by adjusting vibrance, saturation, and temperature. Straighten photos, adjust perspective, and correct lens distortion. Efficient workflow with copy and paste ...

Price: $1.49 / Shareware
Windows 10 - TestWater screenshot


... local poolshop for assistance.This program uses the Langelier saturation index to balance the water. The tests may be the same as other applications, but by ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Any Image x64 5.1 screenshot

Any Image x64

... processing options (e.g. image resizing, framing, un-dithering, sharpness, saturation, contrast, gamma, rotation, mirroring). High quality color palette optimization when writing palette-indexed images (2, 4, 8, ...

Price: $39.95 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - ColorWasher Plugin 3.11b screenshot

ColorWasher Plugin

... Features: Corrects the colors, contrast, exposure, saturation and shadow/highlights of digital and scanned images Automatic, semi-automatic and manual tools for correcting, enhancing and ...

Price: $49.95 / Demo
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Windows 10 - Spectre 1.5.1 screenshot


... spectrum that you want from a variety of saturation algorithms based on classic recording hardware. Spectre ... and process it through one of the ten saturation algorithms included, then it mixes it back with ...

Price: $99.00 / Demo
Windows 10 - ScreenBrush.exe 2.1 screenshot


... to a file.And select color. specially good effect:reversed saturation,reverse color. specially good effect :basso-relievo,exposal,grains of salt,distortion,wave,saturation . ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Fix Any Color 1.51 screenshot

Fix Any Color

... color to fix, and then adjust the lightness, saturation and hue of that color. Before/after live views of your photos are always displayed so that ...

Price: $59.99 / Shareware
Windows 10 - Redline Preamp 1.0.9 screenshot

Redline Preamp

... a customizable combination of even and odd harmonics, saturation, and soft clipping. Redline Preamp is a vintage console channel, a musical grunge machine, and everything ...

Price: $79.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - XnSketch x64 1.18 screenshot

XnSketch x64

... ...) Edge strength, and opacity adjustement Contrast, brightness, saturation adjustement Save or share the result ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
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Windows 10 - PSP 608 MultiDelay 1.7.2 screenshot

PSP 608 MultiDelay

... and position, delay time, multimode filter, modulation, drive/tape saturation, and reverb. Moreover, the feedback and drive can ... an LFO and Envelope follower, and the tape saturation algorithm is taken from our renowned mastering processors. ...

Price: $149.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - EchoBoy 5.3.2 screenshot


... standard delay stompboxes. If you want warm, smooth saturation, try the “Studio Tape” style, inspired by our ... tape sound modeled on the Ampex ATR-102 Control saturation, tape flutter and diffusion for strikingly analog-sounding effects ...

Price: $79.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - FilterFreak 5.3.2 screenshot


... effects Grunge things up with 7 different analog saturation styles Construct intricate rhythmic filter sequences with the Rhythm Editor Design your own LFO shapes with ...

Price: $79.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - iZotope Nectar 3.3.0 screenshot

iZotope Nectar

... correction, manual note editor, breath control, gate, compressors, saturation, EQ, de-esser, doubler, limiter, reverb, delay and tons ... the loud chorus or the delicate verse. Saturation: · Add warmth and grit to your vocal ...

Price: $249.00 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - Colorblind Assistant 1.68 screenshot

Colorblind Assistant

... as RGB values and bar graphs, brightness and saturation. Colorblind Assistant makes it really easy for you to pick colors from your desktop. You simply ...

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Windows 10 - Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 screenshot

Nikon Capture NX

... of all levels to easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color and warmth on specific elements of a picture such as sky, skin, grass, etc. This ...

Price: $179.95 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - Tintii photo filter 2.10.0 screenshot

Tintii photo filter

tintii takes full colour photos and processes them into black and white with some select regions highlighted in colour. The technique is known as colour popping ...

Price: $16.99 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - Light Alloy Portable B 2038 screenshot

Light Alloy Portable

... * Video settings saving per file (brightness, contrast, saturation, sound volume level, the currently loaded subtitle, the currently selected audio track) that are reapplied next ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - PhysPro Fluid Properties screenshot

PhysPro Fluid Properties

... using common property packages. You can also generate saturation tables for more than 80 fluids, plot charts ... Entropy, specific volume, density and viscosity. + Generate saturation tables for more than 80 fluids + Estimate ...

Price: $49.99 / Demo
Windows 10 - Artefacts  screenshot


... it. Use global effects to balance brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Use artifacts to add ... Darken, Sharpen, Emboss brushes and more, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Balance, etc., Sepia and Blur Effects, Borders, ...

Price: $13.99 / Shareware
Windows 10 - SnapFX  screenshot


... capture instant moments. You can adjust the brightness saturation and many other properties of the image. You ... and instant capture from camera. Change Brightness, Sharpness, Saturation, Gamma & Hue Image Cropping Apply Transformations like ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Fotor Windows UWP  screenshot

Fotor Windows UWP

... use photography editing tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen/blur, temperature, tint, cropping, flipping and rotation etc. ... all with only one touch. Analyzing brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure value, Fotor optimizes the source image ...

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Windows 10 - PhotoPad Photo Editor Free 6.74 screenshot

PhotoPad Photo Editor Free

... well as the ability to change the hue, saturation and brightness levels plus more. * Crop, rotate ... bmp picture formats and more. * Edit hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. * Apply effects such as ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - PhotoPad Pro Edition 6.74 screenshot

PhotoPad Pro Edition

... well as the ability to change the hue, saturation and brightness levels plus more. * Crop, rotate ... bmp picture formats and more. * Edit hue, saturation, brightness and contrast. * Apply effects such as ...

Price: $50.00 / Shareware

Results: 1 - 30 of 246