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Collaizer is a photo collage creator to take print of your images in your own layout and shape. Simply drag and drop your photos on the paper, design your own layout, rotate or resize, and put one picture on top of another for 3D effect. You can select and edit pictures in predefined shape. Collaizer supports both shape collage and photo collage.

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Windows 10


Windows 10


Collaizer for Windows 10 - Full description

With the ever increasing amount of photos we have the neverending challenge to somehow find a way to show our pictures. After a great holiday we want to enlive our adventures; and we don't want our pictures from a wedding to be 'locked up' in a book. Wouldn't it be nice to print our pictures on just one sheet of paper, and hang it on the wall?
Don't look any further: our new application Collaizer is offered as freeware, with great possibilities and very easy to use. It's all yours!

Do you want to print several pictures on one sheet of paper in a nice collage?

A photo collage is a great way to print a number of photos on just one sheet of paper, from A4 to A1. With Collaizer you can do that. Simply drag-and-drop your photos on the paper, design your own layout, rotate or resize and put one picture on top of another for that great 3D effect. Use pre-installed artwork pictures to brighten up the layout ('happy birthday', 'you are my valentine') and print your collage on high quality photo paper.

Do you want a lot of pictures nicely arranged in a predefined shape?

Sometimes you just have too many pictures you like to show on one A4. With Collaizer you can add as many pictures as you like in one piece of paper, and also in a predefined shape. How about 25 pictures of your boyfriend, positioned in a heart-shape collage? Why not granny's pictures arranged in an '80' pattern? Collaizer can drag-and-drop complete picture folders into the page, and also brighten up the page with all the artwork you want.

Do you want to use only one application in stead of many?

Many collage applications exist on the internet. Most of these applications focus on just one specific effect: either make a photo collage, or make a shape collage or edit pictures or whatever they do. Each of those has a learning curve and limited possibilities. We offer just one application that replaces several of the existing shareware = paid applications. We offer you free photo collages. As big as you want, as many as you want. It's up to you

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