Audit your computer login times, dates, daily

Audit your computer login times,dates,daily logins,local and remote login users

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Keywords: computer login, computer login time, PC login time, PC login date, logintimer, login, computer last login time, computer last login date
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Windows 10


Windows 10


loginTimer for Windows 10 - Full description

loginTimer is a portable application which writes your computer login times, date, total logins in days especially about local, remote, network commands logins. Whoever typed correct password and entered in your computer, suddenly loginTimer task will start working and close without showing the user. You can see the logs in the same folder and in a separate user named files. The software itself to work secretly and silently from where you activated. Activate: Copy loginTimer.exe to in any private folder than system drive eg: d:my privateloginTimer.exe. Right click 'Run as Administrator' for activation or change path. Note: Only the first user who activated loginTimer, from the same user account only can activate change path status. Demo version for 30 days all functionality. About Demo version: On first time activation, loginTimer taking the present date format (DD-MM-YYYY) or already defined in the system of current User Account. From this format only it continues to works up to 30 days. If the user changed a different format (YYYY-DD-MM) it returns stops the demo version in the present User Account. Operating System: Windows XP-SP2/SP3, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 32/64.

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