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Pacestar UML Diagrammer 6.58.2128

Professional UML 2.0 diagramming tool

Pacestar UML Diagrammer helps you to quickly and easily generate all varieties of UML 2.0 diagrams. Create activity diagrams, class and object diagrams, use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, state charts, package diagrams, component deployment diagrams, and. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible AND commonly understood notation. Contains full zoom, OLE, poster, customize styles, routing and alignment aids.

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License: Shareware
Price: $179.00
File size: 6.59 MB
Downloads: 73
Keywords: UML, UML2, unified, modeling, language, draw, design, activity, sequence, state, chart, component, deployment, usecase, use, case, class, object, oriented, collaboration, package
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Windows 10


Windows 10


Pacestar UML Diagrammer for Windows 10 - Full description

Creates UML 2.0 diagrams quickly and easily. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible commonly understood notation. Supports activity, class and object, use case, sequence, state, package, and component deployment diagrams, and more. This specialized drawing and design tool helps you exploit the best aspect of UML, the standardized visual design process without imposing a cumbersome project methodology. And it simplifies this process so that you can be productive immediately with little or no training. Hyperlinked tips provide instant help. Professional visual design features include full pan and zoom, graphics import, web page export, poster printing, hyperlinks, curves, custom arrowheads, and the ability to add your diagrams to most other documents. Powerful grid and alignment aids keep your diagram attractive. Highly customizable.

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