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BlueLife Hosts Editor enables you to copy the information about a domain (IP address, domain name, comment) to the clipboard for pasting it into other third-party utilities, perform search operations, refresh data displayed in the primary panel, and replace the IP.

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Windows 10


BlueLife Hosts Editor for Windows 10 - Full description

BlueLife Hosts Editor is a software application built specifically for helping you add, delete, or update domain names. BlueLife Hosts Editor boasts a clean and intuitive layout that allows you to configure the dedicated parameters with just a few clicks. BlueLife Hosts Editor proves to a handy piece of software that helps you manage domain names efficiently. The intuitive layout makes it an ideal tool for rookies and professionals alike.

When you type a domain name in your browser that you wish to connect to, your application must first convert it to an IP address that it will use to connect to.The way these hostnames are resolved to their mapped IP address is called Domain Name Resolution. On almost all operating systems whether they be Apple, Linux, Unix, Netware, or Windows the majority of resolutions from domain names to IP addresses are done through a procedure called DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System and is the standard domain name resolution service used on the Internet , There is another way to resolve domain names without using the Domain Name System, and that is by using your HOSTS file. Almost every operating system that communicates via TCP/IP, the standard of communication on the Internet, has a file called the HOSTS file. This file allows you to create mappings between domain names and IP addresses Another way to think of a hosts file is as an address translator and redirector.

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