My Family Tree

My Family Tree

Create your family tree with My Family Tree

My Family Tree is a small but powerful application that allows you to create, import and edit family trees in a visually stunning display. It is possible to edit the information of each person from the family tree by entering additional details about their life and possible relationships.

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License: Freeware
Price: FREE
File size: 6.80 MB
Downloads: 190
Keywords: Family Tree, Family Tracer, Family Genealogy, Genealogy, Family, Trace
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Windows 10


Windows 10


My Family Tree for Windows 10 - Full description

My Family Tree is our genealogy product aimed at both the novice and advanced family historian. With its modern user interface and wide range of features, My Family Tree will help you create your family tree in no time at all. Download your copy today! The program works great with GEDCOM files, allowing users to import this type of documents from other utilities and continue with their work uninterrupted. The family connections are intuitively displayed to immediately distinguish between blood relatives and those by alliance, labelled in different colors. Several visualization modes are provided. Aside from the regular tree view, users can display a family with ancestors and descendants in a timeline or in a simple list which contains all members and their details.


Simple flexible workflow...
Visualise and interact with your family tree...
Conveniently store all your research in a single file...
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