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Using NxFilter, one can block not only the Internet traffic to specific webpages or domains, but also programs that use DNS. NxFilter is a useful software that was created to help administrators track HTTP traffic on a network. NxFilter is a comprehensive software application for monitoring and examining the HTTP traffic in your network, as well as for restricting access to websites.

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License: Freeware
Price: FREE
File size: 29.10 MB
Downloads: 92
Keywords: traffic filter, DNS filter, block traffic, DNS, webserver, authentication
Author URL: http://www.nxfilter.org/
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Windows 10


Windows 10


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NxFilter for Windows 10 - Full description

NxFilter is a DNS filtering software controlling user activity on Internet. You can monitor Internet usage in your network and block user request for websites with NxFilter.

* Active Directory integration
* Unlimited custom categories
* User or Group based policy assignment
* Embedded webserver and embedded DB, built-in GUI
- Everything in one box
- Easy install, easy setup, easy maintenance
* Runs everywhere including Windows, Linux
* 3 types of user authentication
- IP based authentication
- Password based authentication
- Active Directory authentication
* Blocking by domain category
- More than 1.7 million domains categorized into 73 categories
* Dashboard and reporting
* IP based ACL
* Whitelist and Blacklist based on domain matching and keyword searching
* DNS query history search with various conditions
* Logging only not blocking option
- You can monitor user activity without blocking
* Internationalized domain name support
* Block reason view in block page
* Email alert
* Syslog exportation
* Quota time

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