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SQLite Forensic Explorer 2.0

SQLite Forensis Explorer to View SQLite File

SQLite Forensics Explorer is a Windows based forensics utility meant to examine the components of SQLite database files. SQLite Forensics Explorer is attuned with all the available versions of Windows OS (both 32 bit & 64 bit) and supports all the formats of SQLite database such as ,db, .db3, sqlite3 and many more. SQLite Forensics Browser easily recovers the deleted SQLite components and enables examination of SQLite BLOB data as well.

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Windows 10


Windows 10


SQLite Forensic Explorer for Windows 10 - Full description

SQLite Forensics Explorer is a benchmarked utility to view and examine the SQLite database files. Use SQLite Forensics Explorer to recover and examine the deleted SQLite database records. SQLite Forensics Browser enables the investigators to perform forensic analysis of SQLite files along with the associated Journal files. Along with the available records, SQLite Forensics Viewer also allows you to examine the BLOB data of SQLite files. SQLite Forensics Explorer does not impose any limitation on the file size and supports all the versions of SQLite files such as .db, db3, sqlite3 and many more. SQLite Forensics Explorer automatically sorts the stored data using a flexible color schema algorithm. After the complete detailed analysis of the SQLite database files, the SQLite Forensics Explorer provide an option of exporting the carved evidence into CSV and PDF file formats that admissible in the court of law.

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