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Panaustik will automatically find all 'similar looking' pictures in a folder and its sub folders in order to detect possible duplicates or panoramas. Panaustik analyses pictures in a way that a human does. Due to that fact it can find duplicate images even if they are in different image formats, have different light conditions or zoom factors.

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Windows 10


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With the proliferation of digital photos it became necessary to manage a large number of images. While many software facilitating their classification exist, none of them can, automatically, search for duplicate images (but not identical), showing a particular topic or compose a panorama. This problem is not easy because the software must be able to recognize images or portions of images visually similar. Panaustik does that automatically. Specify a directory to scan on your hard drive and it does the rest: all the pictures showing the same subjects are automatically gathered and assembled. It is then possible to remove the redundant or duplicate images or create panoramas if the images are appropriate. Panaustik has unique features: - It recognizes the images visually identical whatever their size, format, lighting, angle of view ... - It can process quickly large amounts of pictures (typically 1 to 5 pictures per second depending on image size). - It finds itself related pictures (there is no need to tell what are the pictures that make up the scenery). - It can stitchs images with different orientations or captured with different focal lengths. - The metadata of the original images are preserved in the panoramas.

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