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Windows 10 - RapidMiner Community Edition x64 6.5.002 screenshot

RapidMiner Community Edition x64

RapidMiner x64 is the world-wide leading data mining solution due to the combination of its ... Applications of RapidMiner have a wide spread in data mining all over the world. Use RapidMiner ...

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Windows 10 - Disk Savvy Pro x64 9.4.18 screenshot

Disk Savvy Pro x64

Disk Savvy Pro x64helps you categorize your data, using its built-in file filtering plugin. This way, ... Security Attributes -Multi-Stream File Copy, Move, Delete -Built-In Data Wiping Capabilities -Performance Tuning Options -Dynamic Speed Control ...

Price: $10.00 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - PSPP x64 0.10.1-g1082b8 screenshot

PSPP x64

PSPP x64 is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a Free replacement for the proprietary ... supports is in the core package. PSPP x64 can perform descriptive statistics, T-tests, linear regression and ...

Price: FREE / Open Source
Windows 10 - RawDigger x64 screenshot

RawDigger x64

A tool to visualize and examine pure raw data as the camera has recorded it. In essence, ... sorts that lets you drill down into raw data. RawDigger x64 doesn’t alter the raw data in ...

Price: $89.99 / Trialware
Windows 10 - Aqua Data Studio x64 17.0.12 screenshot

Aqua Data Studio x64

Aqua Data Studio x64 is a SQL editor and developer utility which ... and execute SQL scripts as well as browse database structures. Aqua Data Studio x64 provides an integrated ...

Price: $399.00 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - Wireshark (x64bit) 2.2.3 screenshot

Wireshark (x64bit)

Wireshark is the world's foremost network protocol analyzer, and is the de facto (and often de ... educational institutions. Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, and is the standard in many industries. It ...

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Windows 10 - PedScope x64 2.3.01 screenshot

PedScope x64

PedScope x64 is a standalone Windows and Mac application for advanced pedigree analysis, with applications in captive breeding programmes for endanged species conservation and safe ...

Price: $299.00 / Trialware
Windows 10 - RElim x64 4.4 screenshot

RElim x64

... work without prefix trees or any other complicated data structures. The main strength of this algorithm is ... but even outperforms apriori and eclat on some data sets), but the simplicity of its structure. Basically ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi x64 2.03 screenshot

Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi x64

Blue Cat's StereoScope Multi x64 is a unique tool to compare the stereo ... * Multiple tracks real time stereo field analyzer: visualize and compare the stereo image of several ...

Price: $97.74 / Demo
Windows 10 - HDFView x64 2.13 screenshot

HDFView x64

The HDFView x64 is a Java-based tool for browsing and editing NCSA HDF4 and HDF5 files. HDFView x64 allows users to browse through any HDF4 and ...

Price: FREE / Freeware
Windows 10 - Synchromat x64 16.0.1 screenshot

Synchromat x64

Synchromat x64 synchronizes your documents, contacts, photos, MP3 library, e-mail, software archives and any other data files. Synchromat x64 synchronizes files among all your computers, and their ...

Price: $49.99 / Trialware
Windows 10 - MyTourbook 64-bit 15.10.0 screenshot

MyTourbook 64-bit

MyTourbook 64-bit is a tool designed for the analysis and visualization of tours recorded by GPS devices, exercise computers or ergometers. The program allows users ...

Price: FREE / Open Source

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