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Windows 10 - Gifsicle x64 1.90 screenshot

Gifsicle x64

Gifsicle x64 is a UNIX command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations. Gifsicle x64 is a software that helps you edit GIF ...

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Windows 10 - ImageJ x64 1.53f screenshot

ImageJ x64

ImageJ x64 is an intersting Java based image processing application ... and angles. It can create density histograms and line profile plots. It supports standard image processing functions ...

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Windows 10 - TCC/LE 64-bit 14.00.9 screenshot

TCC/LE 64-bit

... are frustrated by the limitations of the Windows command prompt, TCC/LE 64-bit is the one tool you ... of features that Microsoft omitted, TCC/LE makes the command line easy to use, giving you more power ...

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Windows 10 - FireCMD x64 1.2 screenshot

FireCMD x64

... package containing a set of tools such as command shell (command interpreter), console emulator, text editor and various other bundled programs. FireCMD command shell has features like command auto-completion, recursive aliases, ...

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Windows 10 - TouchPro x64 screenshot

TouchPro x64

TouchPro x64 allows you to change any combination of file time attributes through a file's property pages. TouchPro x64 will offer you the possibility to modify the ...

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Windows 10 - Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack x64 SP2 screenshot

Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack x64

Microsoft Office 2010 x64 gives you powerful new tools to express your ... bullet or a numbered list to an empty line, or lines. · Fixes an issue where notebooks ...

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Windows 10 - NK2Edit x64 3.40 screenshot

NK2Edit x64

... can help you. When you run NK2Edit x64, it automatically detect the .NK2 file of your ... the desired NK2 to open. The NK2Edit x64 application can work in 2 edit modes: - ...

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Windows 10 - PyScripter x64 3.6.2 screenshot

PyScripter x64

PyScripter x64 is a free and open-source Python Integrated Development ... it a productive Python development environment. PyScripter x64 comes in two flavors, 32-bit and 64-bit. The ...

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Windows 10 - Funduc Software Hex Editor 64-bit 2.3 screenshot

Funduc Software Hex Editor 64-bit

FSHED - Funduc Software Hex Editor 64-bit - a freeware hex editor we made for users of our Search and ... Business Edition grep utilities who needed a hex editor/viewer for use when search-replacing binary files. FSHED is ...

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Windows 10 - QPDF x64 10.1.0 screenshot

QPDF x64

QPDF x64 is a command-line program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF ... learn more about how they work. QPDF x64 is capable of creating linearized (also known as ...

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Windows 10 - TextPad x64 8.5.0 screenshot

TextPad x64

TextPad x64 is designed to provide the power and functionality ... 7, and Server 2008 to 2019. TextPad x64 has been implemented according to the Windows user ...

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Windows 10 - Global Energy Mapper x64 21 screenshot

Global Energy Mapper x64

... Demand imagery seamlessly to their Global Energy Mapper x64 desktop application with the tools, terminology and symbols ... demand for your energy-based projects. Global Energy Mapper x64 also features powerful energy specific GIS tools such ...

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Windows 10 - install4j x64 8.0.5 screenshot

install4j x64

... IDE for designing installers · Powerful built-in script editor · Code gallery with example scripts · Build from within the IDE · Command line compiler · Ant task · Build on ...

Price: $699.00 / Trialware
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Windows 10 - Total Commander 64-bit 9.51 screenshot

Total Commander 64-bit

Total Commander 64-bit (former Wincmd) is an Explorer replacement for Windows. Total Commander handles archives like subdirectories. It supports ZIP/ARJ/LHA/RAR/UC2/TAR/GZ/CAB/ACE archives, ... for files inside archives, even for text. A command line helps starting programs with parameters, and a ...

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